Each new tab becomes a donation

Bourgad is a browser extension that converts each new tab into a donation (to plant a tree, build a school, offer a meal...)

How does Bourgad work?


Add Bourgad to your browser

Bourgad is a browser extension available on Chrome and Firefox



At each tab you open a small ad appears and gives you 1 heart ❤️


Make free

Offer your hearts ❤️ for the causes you care about

Why add Bourgad to my browser?

  • Raise money for causes that are important to you
  • Choose the cause to which the money is being donated
  • Don't change your browsing habits
  • Completely free and simple

5 star objective

"Great initiative. Brilliant, hoping that other projects will be added to the donation solutions!"
25 years old
"Bourgad is a very good way to give to a cause that is close to my heart by staying behind my computer. Fun and intuitive".
20 years old
"Bourgad allowed me to make a donation without spending a penny out of my pocket. The interface is fun."
28 years old
"Being able to advance charitable projects without any constraints, I love it."
30 years old


Add Bourgad to your browser

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