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Are you going to add new causes in Bourgad?

At this time, we are not adding any other causes. In the future, we could do this and if we do, it will be by following the same guidelines we used to choose our initial list - charitable projects that excite our clients and do exceptional work to turn donations into positive effects.

One way to show your support for associations that are not listed on the site is to join their group (or create one for them if they have not already done so). When we add new projects, we will probably use groups to determine which causes our members would most like to add! 

How does Bourgad collect money for charitable projects?

There are banner ads in the corner every time you open a new tab. We are paid for these ads, and then we give all the profits to charities and projects. Bourgad is free and will always be.

Whatever our costs, we donate at least 70% of our income to charitable projects.  We use the remaining revenue for two purposes:  

  • to cover costs, which include hosting and server costs and food for our team
  • to reinvest in getting more Bourgad users so that we can give more to associations in the long term.

How much do I collect per new tab?

Although it varies a lot, a single tab pays between 1/10 and 1/2 of a cent to charity projects, which is a lot!

What is an Heart?

An hearth is the "currency" of Bourgad that you win every time you open a tab and later by inviting your friends. You can then donate your hearts to the causes you care about. After giving enough heart, you increase your level!

What happens when I give an heart?

When you donate an heart, you are essentially voting for money that will be given to the project of your choice. At the end of each quarter, we take all the money raised by Bourgad and divide it among the associations and charitable projects according to the number of hearts that were donated to each cause during the quarter.

How do I edit my background photo and upload mine?

This option will be available in a very short time.

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